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I got a message from caratobe:

Hello there! I’m a follower of your tumblr (love it) and just thought that you might be interested in this project some dear friends of mine started. It’s called De Selby Press and it’s a new independent publishing house focusing on Irish writers. Their first publication will be none other than Joyce’s Dubliners illustrated by Stephen Crowe, of Wake in Progress (illustrating every page of Finnegans Wake)
They are in the final stages of their fundraising campaign and I thought that I would share it with you, and perhaps you can share with your followers. The link:
Thanks so much and hope you find this as cool as I do! :)

Yes, so cool! Would recommend you guys check it out. :)

Gotta Love Chapman Stickists


Someone on the Stickist Forum recommeded/challenged me to read Finnegans Wake.  So I went online and read 2 pages of it and had to stop because my head hurt and I couldn’t feel one of my feet.

Ulysses James Joyce - Chapter 8 - Lestrygonians - Food, poetry, blindess- Reflections, sketches, quotes



from my journal

This chapter was filled with poetic images, tastes, and smells. The streets of Dublin described with Mr Bloom’s senses. Thinking about all sorts of goods, going down memory lane, thinking about his sweet wife Molly. Showing a compassionate side of Bloom while he fed…

Well worth looking at the entire post!

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