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Maybe I’ll just title my dissertation “B-Shakes in the House: Teen Shakespeare in 21st century America”. I’m sure my dissertation supervisor would totally appreciate that. 


Lucky you. I absolutely hate anything remotely bawdy. Well I liked Pandar from Troilus but that’s about it. This is probably why I dislike the whole : “talk about the dick jokes it Shakespeare MOAR” thing.

I must confess I chose literature in part because I love talking about bawdy things, and managed to build a reputation at school for choosing topics which allowed me to write essays with the thesis statements being variants on “LOOK AT ALL THE DICK JOKES”.

Would like to think I’ve toned it down now (and am far more critical of how humour works and why I might find something funny - or not), but alas, perhaps my friends would disagree!

Do you like the bawdy ones?



A lust for bawdiness.

Am just about to begin The Man of Law’s Tale, after racing through the end of The Knight’s Tale, plus The Miller’s, Reeve’s and Cook’s Tales.

Hoping the next one’s as bawdy?


Follow that desire to learn all the dead languages! That’s how I ended up with Old English as well as Latin and Greek.

I am dying to learn all dead languages ever. Old English would be part of the repertoire too, ideally.

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